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Winter Glow Essentials

Maple Whiskey, Buttery Vanilla and a hint of Espresso to Buff & Beautify  

  • FULL SIZE Sugar Scrub (4 oz)
  • Macadmia Oil Hand Cream (50 ml)
  • Lip Bliss (8 g)
  • Multi -Tasker Oil (2 oz)
  • Argan Body Oil  (8 ml)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
I cannot get enough of this scent

ommmnnnggghhhh. I'm not normally a fan of "cookie" kind of scents, but I think that's because they somehow smell chemically or something, and too sweet. This Maple Blondies smells so delicious and also has a .. smokiness? to it that's so warm and comforting. The scrub seemed weird to me at first, and then was one of the more luxurious things I've ever done to my body. It doesn't come out that creamy but my goodness it made my body feel glowy and wickedly soft. I want a vat of it now. This jar is much too small lol. It reminds me of sugar in butter and with that wickedly delicious scent - but don't eat it, it's not. The lip balm wasn't my favourite. I'm not sure if I just got an older one or something? It's not the best texture, a little on the oily side, and the scent is faint. But I make lip balms at home and I'm thinking I may use the oil in a batch to get a texture I prefer. So glad I've been introduced to Barefoot Venus, I was given a tube of the instant hand repair and I adore it - so thick and nourishing. And then I went a little crazy when I found out it's a local brand out of Kelowna, and I bought all the stuff haha. SO GOOD.

And Barefoot Venus, If you ever even THINK of discontinuing this scent, PLEASE make sure to send me every single last bottle, jar, or tube of it you have, and maybe the recipe, too :p.

Looks lovely

This is for a birthday gift in early January although it looks lovely and I'm sure the intended receipt will love it. What's not to love.


The scent alone is perfection. Im trying not to bake this year for the holidays and the scent is so satisfying to that "need" of chrostmas baking in the air. The lip balm is long lasting and suuuuper helpful for those cracked lips. The sugar scrub and shower oil have saved my poor dry shins and hands. No more itch! The argan oil is perfect for a ton of moisture and the scent satisfies those mid day snack cravings. Thank you!