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ipsy FAQ

Our ipsy page was created for all of you special Goddesses who received either a Black Coconut or Lemon Freckle hand cream in your latest ipsy Glam Bag. This page contains specific discounts and special deals just for you!

There is a code on the back of the lotion tube you recently received in your ipsy Glam Bag. Use this code as your password to enter the locked ipsy page! It's as easy as that!

Once you have entered the password, you will have access to this page from then on. (as long as you do not clear your cache)


If you are part of the ipsy group who received our lotion, you are able to take part in these promotions!

Take a look around and enjoy the special promotions and information we have offered for you!

If you would like to take part in any discount, just follow the directions on each image. Depending on how much you spend will determine which promotion you will be able to take part in.

If you have questions or concerns regarding these promotions or the ipsy page, please email Angie or Jenn. We will do our best to help guide you on your way 😊

Angie - angie@barefootvenus.com

Jenn - jennifer@barefootvenus.com